Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rick Dover Reports Knoxville Landmark’s Fate TBD

Rick Dover
Rick Dover, a Knoxville land developer, has purchased the historic Farragut Hotel building. The famous landmark, which helped launch the career of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, was slated to become a Hyatt Place Hotel in 2014 until financing fell through. Dover signed papers on the property the very next day.

According to Rick Dover, the Knoxville landmark represents more than just an old building to his family. He attended numerous events, including his high school proms, in the hotel ballroom. Sadly, much of the interior, including event space, was gutted in the 1980s to make room for office space. This, Dover laments, was a terrible thing to happen to such a significant property.

Rick Dover says the Knoxville Farragut served numerous roles throughout its hundred year history. The Southeastern Conference, one of baseball’s most respected organizations, was formed in the building after the University of Tennessee and numerous other colleges defected in 1932 from the Southern Conference. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig are just two of the notable sports figures to visit the hotel during this time. And the building did more than just bolster the future of college baseball, says Rick Dover. The Knoxville Symphony was birthed in the hotel’s ballroom in 1925.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rick Dover Says Knoxville Inching Closer To “Hip” Senior Development

Rick Dover Knoxville
Artists and active seniors will soon be coming together in the revitalization of one of the area’s most prestigious and historic landmarks, says Rick Dover. Knoxville High School, which served as an educational facility until 1951, is scheduled to open as a lifestyle-focused senior living community late this year.

According to Rick Dover, Knoxville seniors will enjoy state-of-the-art, LEED certified amenities in a historic setting. Residents will get to share the space with local artists who will be permitted to rent the six apartments in the building’s attic, which once served as the school’s ROTC training facility. The historic Knoxville high school will feature a museum with rotating exhibits and a public park surrounding the school’s iconic Doughboy Statue. This celebrated monument was erected in 1922 in honor of Knoxville’s World War I veterans.

Rick Dover says the Knoxville Classical Revival style building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This designation means that Dover and his crew are under strict guidelines for the building’s renovation and restoration. Dover has worked closely with Knox Heritage during construction and says their expertise has helped ensure the building remains true to its roots.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rick Dover Reports Knoxville Senior Living Center Nearly Complete

Rick Dover Knoxville
Rick Dover, Knoxville property developer and namesake of Dover Development, broke ground on Northshore Senior Living in 2014. The 68-suite retirement community is scheduled to open later this year.

Northshore Senior Living was designed by famed architect Daniel Levy. According to Rick Dover, the Knoxville Senior living campus was inspired by the Old Edwards Inn, an estate in North Carolina. Northshore Senior Living offers 68 suites for both assisted and independent living guests. The seven acre campus features a wing dedicated for memory care patients.

Rick Dover says Knoxville seniors were long overdue for a resort-like community that puts resident’s health and safety first. Northshore Senior Living features ample amenities in a country club setting. Residents will be treated to numerous culinary delights, a fully stocked bar, computer labs, salon and spa, library, and fitness center. Northshore Senior Living is an East Tennessee treasure, says developer Rick Dover. Knoxville is one of the most scenic areas in East Tennessee and the grounds of this estate have been designed to take advantage of the region’s natural beauty. Numerous walking trails, a fire pit, and private lake offer residents the opportunity to retire in what can only be described as a vacation haven.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

From Parking Spaces to Home Places: Rick Dover on Knoxville Landmark Pryor Brown Garage

The Pryor Brown garage is considered one of the first structures of its kind, says Rick Dover, the Knoxville developer intent on repurposing this historic building into a 30-unit condominium complex. Here, Dover explains his commitment to move forward with the project, despite slim projected profit margins.

Q: What caused the delay in your construction on the Pryor Brown garage?

Rick Dover, Knoxville Developer: In order to continue with the project and turn any sort of profit we applied for a tax incentive, which is not uncommon when dealing with projects like this. However, Knoxville recently instated a third-party vetting process just to make sure approved projects were receiving proper scrutiny. This is a new procedure and has caused a few minor delays.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Richard Dover of Knoxville Renovates Historic High School

Richard Dover is a Knoxville property developer whose company, Family Pride Corporation, focuses almost exclusively on historic property renovations. One of his most recent projects is the transformation of the historic Knoxville High School into an independent living center for senior adults. He is also working with local historians to preserve and expand the school’s original World War I Memorial.

The halls of the historic Knoxville High School were once filled with thousands of students. Soon, the old classrooms will be transformed into luxury independent living apartments, says Richard Dover. Knoxville area residents have shown great interest in the new senior housing project and Dover is hopeful that at least some of the 90 apartments will be occupied with former students. The school, which opened its doors in 1910, closed in 1951 and will keep basically the same layout updated with modern amenities and sleek d├ęcor.

According to Richard Dover, Knoxville Mayor Tim Burchett and members of the Knox Preservation Society have been invaluable during the planning stages. Dover is especially excited about the project as he grew up in the area. Family Pride Corporation has completed other similar projects in Knoxville, including the renovation of the old Farragut Hotel downtown.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Richard Dover, Knoxville Developer, Encourages Infill Development

Richard Dover Knoxville
According to Richard Dover, Knoxville developer, reasons for rehabilitating, reusing, and developing parcels in already developed areas are multiple. Towns and cities across the country are learning that this can lead to greater walkability, less infrastructure cost, and lower environmental impact. Infill, which is the idea of reusing or rehabilitating a building to fill a market need or developing underused parcels, helps create a more dense environment in an already developed area. This can lead to a greater sense of community, says Richard Dover of Knoxville. Uses run the gamut, most often focusing on housing, but also involving retail, offices and entertainment.

In pre-automobile America, people lived in dense neighborhoods that provided for most of their everyday needs. Things like grocery stores, tailors, and the likes were located within a close walking distance to their homes. The density of cities and towns began to change with the development of new technology like the street car. People began to live in primarily residential neighborhoods, instead of places with a mix of uses. According to Richard Dover, Knoxville based supporter of infill development, the automobile allowed people to live further from commercial centers. This meant developers could build new, primarily residential communities away from the stores in areas known as green fields, which led to the creation of suburbs. Instead of putting new houses and businesses in cities and towns where there might be empty parcels, underused buildings, or buildings needing rehabilitation, developers looked outside these areas.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation Plan Senior Living at Old Knoxville High

Tennessee entrepreneur Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation completed the purchase of the historic Knoxville High School building in October 2014. In the spring of 2015, the building is going to have a whole different look.

Family Pride Corporation has plans to restore the building and transform the location into a collection of senior living apartments, reports Richard E. Dover. As an experienced developer of historic buildings, Dover understands the complexities of this type of project and knows how to complete the task with efficiency and creativity.


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