Monday, July 28, 2014

Rick Dover, Knoxville Entrepreneur, Encourages Seniors to Start Water Walking

Water walking is an low-impact exercise that can be completed in a lake, ocean or pool, says Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur. For seniors who may find other forms of exercise difficult, brisk water walking offers a terrific aerobic workout that builds and strengthens muscle.

Q: Why is water walking such a great summer workout?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Like all types of water exercise, water walking is gentle on the joints and minimizes pain. Seniors have the options of walking with a flotation belt that keeps them floating and upright at about shoulder height.

Q: How does water walking work and what is the proper form?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: The individual stands about waist-deep in the pool and walks sideways and backward to tone all of the muscles. With chest lifted and shoulders back, he or she stands upright and strides forward. It is recommended to place the entire foot at the bottom surface of the pool and to avoid straining the back by keeping the core muscles engaged through the whole exercise.

Q: Are there any ways to amp up the intensity of the workout?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Sure! In order to add a degree of difficulty, lift the knees even higher during each stride. You may elect to do interval training, pumping legs and arms more quickly for a short period and then returning to regular pace.

Q: Where can I find water exercise classes?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Local fitness centers, gymnasiums and YMCAs often have a wide variety of classes from which to choose. A trained instructor has the ability to show participants the best way to go about certain routines. As well, the air-conditioned facilities can help one to avoid the dehydration and heat exhaustion that may accompany outdoor workouts.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Q & A with Rick Dover, Knoxville Entrepreneur

Seniors need to be stimulated physically, mentally and socially in order to retain their health and avoid isolation and depression, says Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur. Below, Rick Dover of Knoxville offers a few ideas that may inspire seniors to get stronger, keep learning and have fun.

Q: What is the most recommended activity for today’s seniors, in your opinion?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: That’s easy to answer! Staying fit and healthy is the greatest priority at this stage of their lives. It’s recommended that seniors ask their physicians about embarking upon an exercise plan, however.

Q: What is the most important aspect of physical activity?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur:
A daily stroll through the park may offer a change of pace and fresh air, which can make a positive impact on circulation and mood.

Q: Are there other forms of exercise that may prove beneficial as well?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Seniors can improve their coordination and hand strength by using therapy dough or similar items. These tools help to stimulate creativity while keeping the hands strong and agile. 

Q: How can I keep my aging parents engaged in their community?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur:
Take them to a restaurant or the mall during quieter times – for example, mid-to-late afternoon. This allows family members to avoid the hustle and bustle of busier shopping hours.

Q: What if my loved one prefers staying indoors?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur:
Play a few old favorites such as checkers, chess, cards or bingo. These games can often bring back fond memories.

Q: Where do you recommend seniors go for arts and entertainment opportunities?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: See about plays and concerts at the local theater or high school for low-stress and low-cost fun and enjoyment.

Q: How can seniors find out more information about programs and events in their area?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur:
Many senior centers have a long list of special activities intended for the whole community.

Q: What is the best way to help seniors combat loneliness?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur:
Save tasks like sorting family photos, folding laundry, shelling beans and other tasks so that it can be a group activity shared with friends or family members.

Q: Besides senior centers, where else have you found that seniors have the opportunity to make new friendships?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Many churches and places of worship offer programs for certain age groups. These services are a great place to start.

Q: How can seniors help to preserve their own personal family traditions?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Have a family member use a digital device to record family history for the benefit younger generations. Include milestones such as anniversaries, births and other momentous occasions. If any family members are tech-savvy, have them help scan old family photos for a slide show.

Q: What other documents or mementos might be appreciated?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur:
Create a family cookbook that features recipes passed down from generation to generation. If possible, make a few of these recipes and take pictures to include.

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur, is the Manager of Family Pride Corporation, an assisted living provider for Tennessee seniors. Through his development projects, Rick Dover of Knoxville aims to make senior living an affordable experience.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rick Dover of Knoxville Encourages Seniors to Get Involved in Birdwatching

Unlike other hobbies, birdwatching can be an enjoyable activity even for a beginner, says Rick Dover. As a popular activity among today’s seniors, birdwatching combines a social event, a nature hike and a picnic into one brilliant package. Birdwatching stimulates the body, mind and spirit while allowing seniors to try something new. Experts in this field take lengthy trips to help with preservation efforts or cataloging projects. A birdwatcher, however, is enjoying a more casual experience that causes little stress or fatigue, notes Rick Dover. Knoxville birdwatchers can scout for birds while walking along the hiking trail, or by setting up habitats in their backyards or gardens.

In order to start along this journey, take a stroll in a natural habitat and see how this new hobby develops. Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur, advises seniors to relax at first and not worry about identifying birds properly. Seniors appreciate the opportunity to learn about the environment and hone their skill sets. Eventually, the most avid birdwatchers become more adept at deciphering migration patterns, molting, songs, wing cuts, beaks and body structure to correctly identify the bird in their midst. Paying close attention to these key elements can keep retirees actively engaged in their surroundings.

Always bring a notebook to record all the necessary information, says Rick Dover of Knoxville. To help provide clarity, make detailed notes and store plant samples and pictures at each stop. As a way to ward off insects and other creatures, pack bug spray and a hat for this trip to the woods. Sunscreen is another essential ingredient for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

For more information, Rick Dover of Knoxville recommends that seniors visit the website of one of the major organizations for birding: Surfbirds, Bird Life International, American Birding Association and The Nature Conservancy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rick Dover Among 2014 Honorees for Loudon County Leadership Hall of Fame

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur and Family Pride Corporation general manager, was recently inducted into the prestigious Loudon County Leadership Hall of Fame. Fittingly, his selection came in the Business Leader category.

Q: First of all, what is your role with Family Pride Corporation?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: As the general manager, it’s my job to lead historical preservation projects. Our chief focus is taking historic properties in the area and transforming them into viable retirement communities. It’s been a tremendous honor to receive awards and accolades from a number of different organizations, including the government of Lenoir City.

Q: How were this year’s honorees recognized for their efforts?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: The induction ceremony took place in Lenoir City at St. Thomas Catholic Church. All sponsors, inductees and guests were greeted with a cocktail party and dinner. Vol Network announcer Bob Kesling served as the event’s emcee.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rick Dover Reveals Knoxville High School’s Transformation into a Senior Living Center

Under the guidance of Rick Dover, a Knoxville resident and leader of Family Pride Corporation, the previous location of Knoxville High School will be transformed into a senior living center. One-hundred units will be included to serve people 62 and over. The Southeastern Housing Foundation is acting as a sponsor for the proposal.

Contrary to media reports on the project, the location is an independent living center that allows seniors the freedom to pursue all of their favorite pastimes. Planned activities hosted by a team of trained professionals are scheduled on a daily basis.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Historic Preservation Benefits Communities

Rick Dover Knoxville
The history of a community contributes to its personality. Preserving the history of a place through its historic properties gives a community its unique character, says Rick Dover of Knoxville. As general manager of Family Pride Corporation, Rick Dover, Knoxville, believes that historic preservation provides a link to the roots of the community and its people. Rick Dover, Knoxville, restores and preserves historic buildings. These days, the sight of Rick Dover, Knoxville, is set on the Alexander Inn, a historic building in Oak Ridge, Tenn., included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Q: Thanks for coming out today, Rick Dover. 

Rick Dover, Knoxville: It’s truly my pleasure.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rick Dover Offers Tips For Historic Preservation Projects

The golden rule of historic preservation is reuse, reuse, reuse, says Rick Dover.
The United States is full of historic sites and cultural resources, says Rick Dover. For this reason many homebuilders as well as do-it-yourselfers tend to embark upon preservation projects only to get frustrated and give up. Here, Middle Tennessee property development expert Rick Dover offers tips on how to maintain the integrity and sentimental significance of a historic property during renovation.

Know the building

According to Rick Dover, historical preservation is typically reserved for homes at least half a century old. Because of this, many of these buildings and their outlying structures may be damaged, dilapidated or partially destroyed. Rick Dover suggests evaluating any possible barriers to reconstruction before work commences. A building inspector, structural engineer or registered architect is essential at this stage.

Rick Dover also suggests checking historical records, deeds and tax records to see if the property is associated with any notable historical figure.

Reuse and recycle

Rick Dover explains that historical buildings are characteristically constructed of materials that are no longer available for consumer purchase. This makes it necessary to reuse everything to preserve the historic quality and charm of the structure. One tip that Rick Dover offers is to check basements, attics, detached garages and any other structure on the property for excess material that may have been left from original construction.

If original materials are unavailable or must be replaced, match them as closely as possible. Rick Dover notes that structurally unsound buildings may be reinforced with modern material as long as it does not affect the appearance of the property.

Maintain original features

Many older homes and buildings were designed with elaborate features. Rick Dover notes that staircases, built-in shelves and bookcases, and decorative wainscoting and crown molding are common in antiquated structures. Rick Dover believes that during a renovation, these novel touches must be maintained in order for the property to conserve the charm of its era.

Check mandated code requirements

Rick Dover notes that different cities and municipalities will have different building codes to follow. For instance, some codes mandate that all renovations must include safety measures for storms, earthquake or other acts of nature. The Americans Disabilities Act of 1990 may also mandate certain modifications to bring the building up to code, says Rick Dover. Knowing these potential requirements at the start of the process will ensure a smoother renovation.

Treatment approaches to historic preservation

Rick Dover explains that there are four main approaches to historic preservation. The first being preservation, which means the retention of as much of the original structure as possible. Secondly, Rick Dover notes that rehabilitation emphasizes the retention of historic materials via repair or reuse. Restoration is the third aspect of historic building renovation, which essentially means re-highlighting the structure’s original materials and removing those added at a later date. Finally, Rick Dover maintains that reconstruction is the act of re-creating formerly existing structures, landscapes or elements in a historic site.

About Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation

Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation have been passionate about historic preservation since the company was created in 1993. Rick Dover has been deeply involved with saving historic structures in Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida, and has served as a board member of Knox Heritage, Sequoyah Hills Preservation, and the Americas Foundation. In addition, he has won numerous awards for historic preservation including the Tennessee Historical Commission’s Certificate of Merit, and has been twice awarded historic preservation of the year awards from the East Tennessee Historic Preservation Alliance. Whether for senior housing, commercial or residential use, Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation have been saving and preserving historical buildings for more than 20 years.


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