Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rick Dover Reveals Knoxville High School’s Transformation into a Senior Living Center

Under the guidance of Rick Dover, a Knoxville resident and leader of Family Pride Corporation, the previous location of Knoxville High School will be transformed into a senior living center. One-hundred units will be included to serve people 62 and over. The Southeastern Housing Foundation is acting as a sponsor for the proposal.

Contrary to media reports on the project, the location is an independent living center that allows seniors the freedom to pursue all of their favorite pastimes. Planned activities hosted by a team of trained professionals are scheduled on a daily basis.

A cafeteria is planned for the new location, with on-site parking also in the works, says Rick Dover of Knoxville. The building will be completely restored, and the popular Doughboy statue found near the front doors will be preserved. Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur, shares that the renovation will meet all LEED standards. LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Standards) certification is offered solely by the Green Building Certification Institute.

The building is an incredibly large structure, striking a powerful impact with its enormous size, says Rick Dover. Knoxville historians have noted that the entryway’s tile and the aforementioned statue only add to its beautiful appearance. The hexagonal tiles just outside the front doors are like those seen from a similar era (1910) all over downtown. At this time, the metal ceiling tiles appear to be too deteriorated for preservation.

The building now covers an entire block, says Rick Dover. Knoxville residents will be appreciative of the brand-new rehabilitation center, one that is both functional and attractive. Rick Dover of Knoxville and his Family Pride Corporation staff are also repurposing Oakwood Elementary School. Family Pride Corporation is an organization that specialized in developing historic restoration and renovation projects. Family Pride Corporation places a particular emphasis on selecting materials that minimize the effect on our environment.


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