Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rick Dover of Knoxville Encourages Seniors to Get Involved in Birdwatching

Unlike other hobbies, birdwatching can be an enjoyable activity even for a beginner, says Rick Dover. As a popular activity among today’s seniors, birdwatching combines a social event, a nature hike and a picnic into one brilliant package. Birdwatching stimulates the body, mind and spirit while allowing seniors to try something new. Experts in this field take lengthy trips to help with preservation efforts or cataloging projects. A birdwatcher, however, is enjoying a more casual experience that causes little stress or fatigue, notes Rick Dover. Knoxville birdwatchers can scout for birds while walking along the hiking trail, or by setting up habitats in their backyards or gardens.

In order to start along this journey, take a stroll in a natural habitat and see how this new hobby develops. Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur, advises seniors to relax at first and not worry about identifying birds properly. Seniors appreciate the opportunity to learn about the environment and hone their skill sets. Eventually, the most avid birdwatchers become more adept at deciphering migration patterns, molting, songs, wing cuts, beaks and body structure to correctly identify the bird in their midst. Paying close attention to these key elements can keep retirees actively engaged in their surroundings.

Always bring a notebook to record all the necessary information, says Rick Dover of Knoxville. To help provide clarity, make detailed notes and store plant samples and pictures at each stop. As a way to ward off insects and other creatures, pack bug spray and a hat for this trip to the woods. Sunscreen is another essential ingredient for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

For more information, Rick Dover of Knoxville recommends that seniors visit the website of one of the major organizations for birding: Surfbirds, Bird Life International, American Birding Association and The Nature Conservancy.


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