Monday, July 28, 2014

Rick Dover, Knoxville Entrepreneur, Encourages Seniors to Start Water Walking

Water walking is an low-impact exercise that can be completed in a lake, ocean or pool, says Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur. For seniors who may find other forms of exercise difficult, brisk water walking offers a terrific aerobic workout that builds and strengthens muscle.

Q: Why is water walking such a great summer workout?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Like all types of water exercise, water walking is gentle on the joints and minimizes pain. Seniors have the options of walking with a flotation belt that keeps them floating and upright at about shoulder height.

Q: How does water walking work and what is the proper form?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: The individual stands about waist-deep in the pool and walks sideways and backward to tone all of the muscles. With chest lifted and shoulders back, he or she stands upright and strides forward. It is recommended to place the entire foot at the bottom surface of the pool and to avoid straining the back by keeping the core muscles engaged through the whole exercise.

Q: Are there any ways to amp up the intensity of the workout?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Sure! In order to add a degree of difficulty, lift the knees even higher during each stride. You may elect to do interval training, pumping legs and arms more quickly for a short period and then returning to regular pace.

Q: Where can I find water exercise classes?

Rick Dover, Knoxville entrepreneur: Local fitness centers, gymnasiums and YMCAs often have a wide variety of classes from which to choose. A trained instructor has the ability to show participants the best way to go about certain routines. As well, the air-conditioned facilities can help one to avoid the dehydration and heat exhaustion that may accompany outdoor workouts.


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