Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rick Dover Reports Knoxville Landmark’s Fate TBD

Rick Dover
Rick Dover, a Knoxville land developer, has purchased the historic Farragut Hotel building. The famous landmark, which helped launch the career of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, was slated to become a Hyatt Place Hotel in 2014 until financing fell through. Dover signed papers on the property the very next day.

According to Rick Dover, the Knoxville landmark represents more than just an old building to his family. He attended numerous events, including his high school proms, in the hotel ballroom. Sadly, much of the interior, including event space, was gutted in the 1980s to make room for office space. This, Dover laments, was a terrible thing to happen to such a significant property.

Rick Dover says the Knoxville Farragut served numerous roles throughout its hundred year history. The Southeastern Conference, one of baseball’s most respected organizations, was formed in the building after the University of Tennessee and numerous other colleges defected in 1932 from the Southern Conference. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig are just two of the notable sports figures to visit the hotel during this time. And the building did more than just bolster the future of college baseball, says Rick Dover. The Knoxville Symphony was birthed in the hotel’s ballroom in 1925.

Rick Dover says Knoxville residents are encouraged to voice their opinion as to what they would like to see housed in the soon-to-be renovated facility. Dover Development will rely on historic photos and records to restore the building back to its original grandeur. Tentatively, the plan is for the Farragut to return to a mixed-use development and possibly luxury apartments.

No one in town is more anxious to get things started than Rick Dover. Knoxville is in the midst of an economic boom and Dover is excited to see how the new development will add to the rustic charm of his hometown.


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