Monday, September 19, 2016

Rick Dover Says Knoxville Inching Closer To “Hip” Senior Development

Rick Dover Knoxville
Artists and active seniors will soon be coming together in the revitalization of one of the area’s most prestigious and historic landmarks, says Rick Dover. Knoxville High School, which served as an educational facility until 1951, is scheduled to open as a lifestyle-focused senior living community late this year.

According to Rick Dover, Knoxville seniors will enjoy state-of-the-art, LEED certified amenities in a historic setting. Residents will get to share the space with local artists who will be permitted to rent the six apartments in the building’s attic, which once served as the school’s ROTC training facility. The historic Knoxville high school will feature a museum with rotating exhibits and a public park surrounding the school’s iconic Doughboy Statue. This celebrated monument was erected in 1922 in honor of Knoxville’s World War I veterans.

Rick Dover says the Knoxville Classical Revival style building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This designation means that Dover and his crew are under strict guidelines for the building’s renovation and restoration. Dover has worked closely with Knox Heritage during construction and says their expertise has helped ensure the building remains true to its roots.

Though it closed its doors as it school in 1951, the building has remained occupied, says Rick Dover. The Knoxville Board of Education has occupied the space since that time and has kept the building in outstanding structural condition. With solid “bones,” Dover has been able to focus on historic preservation efforts and environmentally-friendly improvements. A rooftop solar farm, water treatment and reclamation equipment, LED lighting, and repurposed materials will add to the charm of the Historic Knoxville High School senior living center.

Rick Dover and Knoxville-based Dover construction began work on the building in early 2015. The unique property is just one of many historically significant structures repurposed by Dover, who specializes in high-quality, nostalgic senior care campuses.


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